On 2nd September, we had a most successful, constructive and exciting as well as enlightening Critique Evening. We were very fortunate to have Barbara, a professional artist and teacher, who gave us very helpful suggestions on how to improve some of our art work and we learnt a lot on how to see things in a different light.

We had drinks ~ wine, fruit juice and delicious nibbles to enjoy while we listened not only to the helpful comments and suggestions Barbara had made but also heard from the artists themselves, as to what had inspired them to paint the picture and at what point in their art work were they not sure and needed advice.

We had an excellent turnout, in fact a full house, with our friends and colleagues from the Mildon Art Society also being present.

We had all enjoyed the evening and are grateful to Valerie for organising it so well.

I know, I had come away greatly inspired and had learnt a lot.

Chair of FAS”